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We are currently accepting pre-screened members only in order to prevent abuse. Since our system is not a completely automated system and there is human effort involved, we constantly monitor our capacity to meet the growing demand and accept new members based on several criteria.

We are selective as to who we decide to work with. You must have at least some knowledge of on-site SEO as we do not provide any on-site SEO service. You need to have the exact match keyword phrase in your meta title and description tag on your page or we will not allow the keyword to be entered into the queue. We prefer to work with people with enough understanding of SEO to have reasonable ranking expectations. SEO is not magic. We've tested our backlinking methodology on thousands of keywords and what we have left is the filtered version of our process which works.

If you are interested in working with us, please click the button below and make the first months payment. We must talk with you before we can get started. We'll get your site information on the payment page.

If either of us find that our method of SEO is not a perfect match for your site, we will refund 100% of the money that you paid. Once service starts, you will fall under the no refund policy. This is only fair because of all the work we put into the SEO of your site.

Price for up to 10 keywords is $450.00 per month.

Terms of Service.

1) You understand there are no refunds given once we have talked and agreed to go ahead.
2) If a charge back is made after service has started, our Lawyer will pursue you and bill you.
3) This is a month-to-month service that must be canceled at least 10 days before the next payment. There is no contract involved.
4) If we find you are submitting any blacklisted keywords after several warnings, your account will be deactivated and no refund will be issued.
5) We do not accept any keywords related to gambling, adult themed, or hatred.
6) We are currently accepting English keywords only as our writers and editors are English speakers.
7) At least five active keywords must remain in the queue unchanged for a minimum period of four consecutive months. These keywords must reside in the title tag as an exact match keyword phrase, not broad match or LSI keyword.
8) The site must not be an affiliate site or made for adsense site.

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